Friday, April 26, 2013

Kisses for Claudie


OK, so I am sure most of you are anxiously waiting with bated breathe since my cryptic post on FB about BIG news coming soon.

Well, here it is and before you get too excited realize YOU are a part of it!

Last night I couldn't sleep because this idea hit me, partly because I am already dreading Claudette's first birthday (first birthdays are a HUGE deal in our family) and partly because I have realized just how many lives my daughter has already touched. My last blog Girls Can be SUPERHEROS TOO! touched on her powerful impact in just two people's lives, but the truth is her reach has been great and could be far greater still. I want for all my children to do incredible things with their lives, in this case I want my child to do incredible things in their death.

So here is where YOU come in:


We will call these random acts of kindness "Kisses for Claudie".

365 of them because frankly the worst part of everyday is the fact that we can't kiss on our little girl. So this will be our way of giving her a kiss at least once a day for the first year of her life.

While these acts are random we do NOT want them to be anonymous or unspoken. Kindness breeds kindness and love grows from other love, so once you have completed your act post a picture, a video or a post on her FB page: In Loving Memory of Claudette Elyse
(Don't have a FB page? Just post as a comment below or email me them.)

I know I might be crazy to think we can do 365 in these in next 7 or so months, but my daughter has never disappointment me yet, so let's not disappoint her. 

SO SHARE THIS POST, THE PAGE, OR tell your youth group, Sunday school class, Girl/Boys Scouts, Retirement home, neighbors or the lady waiting in line with you at the grocery store so we can get lots of people involved!!!

...oh and I almost forgot the most important part of this Kisses for Claudie Project
We would love to have pictures or funny videos of the person's coffee you paid for!

Then on November 29, 2013 we will throw A HUGE birthday party for kids that don't have mommies or daddies and bring them all the gifts that would normally go to Miss Claudie.
 (See I already gave ideas of how you can help: collection of birthday gifts? make cupcakes? donate a jump house for the birthday party?!)
Why are you doing still reading??? Start sharing the LOVE!!

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Audra said...

#1. Sam had the idea to pay it forward at the drive thru tonight. The cashier said oh I don't think you want to pay for him, his total was $15 :) Sam looked at me and said is it ok Mom? Yes, Sam! The cashier said God Bless! I love the impact that it leaves on the cashier more than anything else!