Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 15, 2014

Today is the National Day of Remembrance for Pregnancy and Infant Loss. In the late 80s Reagan made this a national holiday that now gets international recognition...well kinda.
I feel blessed to live in a time that now gives some recognition to the millions and millions of babies we have lost. To think what my mother in law and others not so long ago had to go through and silently grieve the loss of their children is so sad to me.
But the fact remains we really have done little to change the overall hushed culture of pregnancy and infant loss in this country.  One in four women suffer in silence daily with the pain of miscarriage as if it is something unimportant or embarrassing to speak about it openly.
We discuss stillborn loss as something that "just happens" to some of us and although awful there is nothing really that can make a difference even though we know that over 88% of cases could have been prevented.
And although we have some studies showing what may or may not cause SIDs, we really know little more than we did 20 years ago.
Why do we spend billions researching diseases that kill  fifty or less adults a year, but we still have barely put a penny into the whats and hows of something that kills one in four babies?
I think that answer is very complicated and yet very simple.
We as a nation don't care about the least of these. Yes, I said it and yes I know the backlash I will get for it. But how can a nation that kills just as many unwanted babies care about the wanted ones?
So us mommies through grassroots efforts refuse to suffer in silence anymore. More and more of us are shouting from the mountain top, "my child mattered!"
Social media, the Return to Zero movie, and many small groups, that are finally working as one large group, has helped the world understand our babies matter no matter how many breathes they took in this world.
Please help us save our babies and make sure EVERY one of there lives matter by speaking about the ones we have lost with confidence and love in our hearts.

THEY MATTER...Every single one!