Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Henry is Quirky

It may sound silly to most but I am super proud of my big 3 almost 4 year old. Yesterday he climbed to the top of the tunnels at Chic-a-fil. This may seem silly to most. I mean he almost 4 after all! But with Henry this is big. Perhaps, going to the dentist just before gave him the confidence to then tackle the tunnels. You see Henry has lots of fears. For a while he was scared of the mall, getting wet, ants, pretty much everything at the park, so of course tunnels. He has many more fears as well (too many to list really). Lately, he is gaining the confidence and trust he needs to complete things other kids have for a while now.
Henry's biggest fear is pain. Pain produces anger with Henry. While a stubbed toe may cause you or I to say a slang word, it causes Henry to lose complete control sometimes for the rest of the day. These fears along with other behaviors have caused us and those close around us to question something unique in Henry. Up to this point, we have called it "quirky". After a visit with an our pediatrician their is chance it more like, dare I say it, asbergers. I get chills just typing that. There is further testing that can be done to confirm. My husband and I, while we have differing opinions on how to go forward with this, we agree on one thing firmly it is an attribute not a handicap.
This is because the biggest "quirk" Henry has is he is bright! I mean really bright. The other day I was having them make daddy's day card and he just wrote out the word D.A.D. He doesn't know how to spell or read (at least I didn't think so). But more than how bright he is, he thinks differently about things. This makes it a great attribute. The way you or I might see something is not natural to Henry instead he sees it as something different and challenging. You have to explain to Henry that you are joking. He doesn't naturally understand comedy, but that doesn't mean he can't laugh with a belly laugh that brings a smile to your face.
Combined with his natural charisma and differing way of thinking, perhaps Henry can make a real change in his world and ours. I have great hopes for our little quirky guy! But for now I am just super proud of him for tackling his fears and climbing to the "flying cow car" as him and his 2 year old sis call it. He tells me next time he will go down the slide too!

Moon River

24 years ago tonight my sis and I were heartily preparing a "gourmet" dinner complete with an appetizer made with Hellman's mayonnaise. Of course, we never purchased a name brand so we substituted for an cheap Aldi's brand and had disastrous results.  None the less, the meal smelt great. It was time to get mom "fixed up" since dad would be home any minute.

Audra had the task of getting mom ready, since she had more style than I.  I was to get out the cardboard table and decorate it in front on the stove, that would not have a fire in it since it was August 15. You see it was a very special occasion, mom and dad's 20th wedding anniversary. Even though it was not until the next day, we knew we needed to surprise dad big or else he would already plan a wonderful evening for the two of them. The loved celebrating together...did every week really. It could have just been a "date" to get groceries Friday night at Checkers but when they returned you would have thought they just got back walked in the door from an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii.

Mom and Audra came down the stairs just in time for me to place the fake flower bouquet in the middle of the rickety old cardboard table that had fixed up nicely if I do so myself with the table cloth and fine china. She had a bit too much mascara on (sorry Audra she did) but she looked radiant none the less in my favorite dress she only wore when company came over after church.

We heard the door opening. Hurry turn on the music...oh man, Jake has Michael Card blaring again. "NO music with WORDS, Alyvia!" I know I know. Dad only liked KLJC classical music over dinner. Music on- check! Dad walked in the kitchen clearly exhausted, I mean who wouldn't be. He worked harder than any man I know to this day and I don't say that lightly; I know some hard workers. Walking in the door at 6pm meant he could have already but 14 0r more hours in for the day. But it didn't matter. He had yet to see mom and that would perk him right up. We urged him through the kitchen, passed the dining room (where he commented on our good taste of music-yes!), passed the staircase and front door and into our living room which had held such amazing memories over the years and was to hold so many more.

There was mom, nervous. I remember thinking how she is nervous?! 8 kids, 20 years. Come on! But she was. She was nervous and shy. Dad went over to and kissed her. He then began his characteristic over-gratitude to us saying over and over how sweet it was that his "love and joys" would prepare such a wonderful evening. He took mom in his arms they danced, pretty good really. You would never had know that arthritis had destroyed mom's joints by then. They danced and danced. They loved dancing. Did every chance the could. The food was getting cold, but it didn't matter. All was right with the world.

Audra and I went upstairs to put the Joshy and Aryn Lea to bed. We knew we couldn't go back downstairs (wink, wink) but as we heard dad signing "Moon River" to mom as went upstairs we had the feeling we gave back a smidgen of what was given to us.